13 Movies That Celebrate our Four-legged Friends #StreamTeam


Last fall, we added Rex to our family. I’ve always wanted a big, fluffy, furry dog, but we thought our daughter’s dog allergies would prevent us from ever getting one. Fortunately, Rex came into our lives. A labradoodle listed on Craigslist, we would be Rex’s third family, and he definitely found his forever home with […]

Mornings before kids vs. Mornings after kids

before kids after kids coffee

SO much changes when you become a parents. Obviously, you are parent, you’ve got stuff to do like, take care of these kids you birthed. You know what is the worst though? Your new morning routines. Before kids: You wake up well rested. full of vigor. After kids: You’re abruptly woken up and immediately have […]

Remember the “lasts”

the last

When our kids are so little, we focus on the “firsts.” The first time they smile. The first time they roll over. Their first steps, and the first time they say “mama” and “dada.” We went through all of the “firsts” with great excitement. I tried my hardest to document all the major “firsts” in […]

Dance Party with the Laurie Berkner Band

Laurie Berkner Band

In November, we got to see Laurie Berkner perform, and we had a great time! Not only did my daughter LOVE the music, she LOVED to dance! I admit, I didn’t know too much about Laurie Berkner other than my kids liked her music, but after seeing her live I was sold. She was fun, […]

10 Bingeworthy Shows on Netflix for 2015 #StreamTeam

Binge Watch Netflix 2015

I am a Netflix #StreamTeam member, and am sharing an awesome giveaway with you – a year of Netflix streaming! See below for details and how to enter. Binge-watching series on Netflix is HUGE in our house. It’s not just me watching Sons of Anarchy, my kids get into series too! So, I thought I […]

Watch Sons of Anarchy. Now. #StreamTeam

Jax Teller

I am blaming Tina for this. I was all “I need a show to watch on Netflix Streaming!” and she was all, “You should check out Sons of Anarchy!” So I did, and I did, and I did some more. Every night I was up until 2 am watching that damn show. Every morning I […]