We Visited A Non-Mall Santa and the Results Were Horrific

Bea heck no

Let me start off by saying this is not about me being cheap. Okay, writing that makes me sound like I am defending myself for being cheap. I am not. It’s about wanting to create the Most Beautiful Santa Experience for my kids. Seriously. Last year, just like every other year before, we went to […]

10 Excuses My Kids Have Used to Stall Bedtime

netflix escuses

I don’t get it. I LOVE going to sleep. Why not kids? They are always asking for 5 more minutes, or stalling bedtime with lame-o excuses. 6 YO: “I just love you and want to snuggle with you more before you get old and die.” Um… move over and let me get in your bed. […]

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep – Is it For Reals?


There was a time when we could put our son in his bed at night, and he wouldn’t get out of bed until 7:30 the next morning. Unlike his older sister, he’s always been an awesome sleeper, but lately, we’ve been battling bedtime. In recent weeks, he’s pulled out all the tricks to delay sleep. […]

Get Your Flu Shot at a CVS MinuteClinic

CVS MInute Clinic Flu Shot

Every parent knows this fact: We have no time to get the flu! Between managing a family, school activities, sports and work, getting sick is a serious time suck. And when it comes to getting the flu, your symptoms may last weeks. Who has time for that? Contrary to what a lot of us think, […]

Dust off your Netflix Streaming SHELFIE


Summer. Phew. It was a blast. Between the pool, day trips, vacation and camp, our summer was busy. Our nights were filled with campfires under the stars, drinks on the deck with friends and just hanging out. Not too much Netflix streaming or TV for me. Which makes the fall the perfect time to dust […]

Get Relief from Fall Allergies

CVS MinuteClinic

School is here, and kids will get sick – wait, are they really getting sick or is is allergies? Are fall allergies a “thing?” Actually, they are! Even though the blooming of spring flowers is long gone, late summer weeds and pollen can trigger allergies in the late summer and early fall. And, depending on […]