8 Ways Coffee Makes Me a Better Mom


1. It wakes me up.   2. But sometimes just getting out of bed isn’t enough. It REALLY gets me out of bed.    3. It helps me get clean. Because I incentive myself to take a shower by promising me I can have a cup of coffee after.    4. My kids get fed. […]

Create a Sports Survival Kit

CVS Sports

I may have overbooked my kids for a variety of fall activities. Before you judge and remind me kids need unscheduled time to play, let me tell you that… a) my kids want to try every and any sport and activity that is offered to them, and b) I am tired of the iPad/TV/Wii fight […]

How to Watch Dragons: Race to The Edge (A Netflix Exclusive)


We LOVE the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, and were really excited to check out “Dragons: Race the Edge,” a new animated series from Dreamworks exclusively available on Netflix Streaming. But first, we needed to prepare for our Dragons adventure. Thanks to the Netflix Stream Team, we were prepared. Our box of supplies arrived […]

Places In Which My Son Has Pulled Down His Pants


This is a boy thing, right? Because my daughter never did this. I mean, I guess there is still time, but STILL. I get it, it feels good to BE FREE. But come on, kid! Help me out here! One minute his pants are up, the next they are down and he is ferociously giggling […]

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nails

Have you guys tried Jamberry Nails? A friend of mine had  a “party” on Facebook and I totally got sucked in. I’d seen Jamberry Nails on a few friends in recent months and really liked them, so I figured I would join and see what all the fuss was about. Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl […]