9 Ways to Let Netflix Help You Talk to Your Kids

Netflix Fuller House

Things I was prepared for when I signed up for this parenting gig: Sleepless nights Puke and poop – really, I was prepared Constant worry Busy schedules Awesome fun times with the kids Truth be told, there is a lot that still comes to surprise me. Like, when my daughter asks me about God, or […]

I’m a Triathlete

Queen of the Hill

I might be a repeat Weight Watcher, the kind of person that tries new diets and is always looking to help reach new nutrition goals, but for me, fitness has always been a thing. Since I was a kid taking aerobics classes with my mom, I’ve enjoyed working out, sweating and dancing. Later, I came […]

Everything Not to Do Before a Half Marathon

When I signed up for it, I thought it was a great idea. I did 2 half marathons in 2015, and I thought I would just continue the pace for 2016. So when The Love Run came up on my radar, I thought it would be a great challenge. Plus, my company was sponsoring the […]

We Love LEGO – Watch it on Netflix


My husband, Jason is a huge LEGO fan. He builds a lot of LEGO even today as an adult. And, of course, he shares his passion for Lego with our kids. I love LEGO. I’ve loved LEGO since I was a little boy. I’d lay a bedspread on the floor, upturn my 5-gallon bucket of […]

It’s True- Gilmore girls is Back on Netflix!

I was sucked into the Netflix-binge vortex that was Gilmore Girls. Like, seriously sucked in. From the end of November, to the end of Christmas break, I was living, breathing, talking and seeing Lorelei and Rory. I was sneaking in episodes before bed, quoting quips from the show, and dreaming of Luke. Why? Because I […]

12 Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix Before Christmas

netflix gift card

My 12 days of Netflix have just begun. Need some ideas of what to watch on Netflix while counting down to the Big Day? Here are my favorites! 12. A Very Murray Christmas 11. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular 10. White Christmas 9. The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About Christmas 8. Love, […]

12 Reasons Why A Netflix Gift Card is the Perfect Gift

netflix gift card

The countdown is ON! With less than two weeks until Christmas, I am ready to kick this holiday mood into high gear. The decorations are out, presents are bought and cards are sent. Now it’s time to relax, bake some cookies and, my favorite, watch holiday movies and shows. Wait, still not done with your […]

We Visited A Non-Mall Santa and the Results Were Horrific

Let me start off by saying this is not about me being cheap. Okay, writing that makes me sound like I am defending myself for being cheap. I am not. It’s about wanting to create the Most Beautiful Santa Experience for my kids. Seriously. Last year, just like every other year before, we went to […]

10 Excuses My Kids Have Used to Stall Bedtime

I don’t get it. I LOVE going to sleep. Why not kids? They are always asking for 5 more minutes, or stalling bedtime with lame-o excuses. 6 YO: “I just love you and want to snuggle with you more before you get old and die.” Um… move over and let me get in your bed. […]