Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day with Balance Bars

Balance Bars Chocolate

You may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of healthy things for my body lately. I’ve been tracking my food and exercise (goodbye, 10 pounds!) and have been riding my road bike about 75 miles a week! Actually the riding my bike thing cancels out my love for chocolate! Thankfully, I can stock up [...]

To the ED Staff at Nemours Children’s Hospital


I still can’t tell if we have an accident prone child, we are over-reactive parents, or a little of both. Probably a little of both. Over the July 4 holiday, my 5-year-old daughter walked into her dresser, and cut her eye just under her eyebrow. It was bleeding. A lot. Usually, I am a calm [...]

I Am Tired of Cancer Winning

I am tired of cancer winning. I know cancer doesn’t always “win.” There have been amazing breakthroughs in cancer research that has led to better detection, more individualized treatments, and therapies that have led to many remissions. But with every diagnosis, with every scare and with every scan, cancer interrupts lives. Rich, full lives filled [...]

Summertime Fashion with Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee

I have two words for you: Summer Dresses. I love summer dresses. May I present to you, some of the new arrivals at Gwynnie Bee – summery and just in time for those summer dates, parties, weddings and happy hours! Postcards happens to be one of my favorite new brands at Gwynnie Bee. Next week, [...]

Flat Tires, A Lot of Miles and Mo’ Money!

Ride to Conquer Cancer

I’ve been pretty busy these days. Between work, vacation, home improvement projects, cringing over “Game of Thrones,” devouring the new season of “Orange is the New Black,” and enjoying this amazing weather, our lives have been really full.So it’s been quiet in these parts. But I’ve been moving. Ride to Conquer Cancer Philadelphia I am [...]

The Baby Tree Answers Kids’ Curious Questions

Baby Tree

Every child will ask the question, “Where do babies come from?” My kids are still pretty young, but we’ve talked about babies coming from Mommy’s belly – I mean, they are only 2 and 5 years old. Plus, having a C-section scar makes it super easy to not go into too many details. “See this [...]