Effortless Meals with Walmart and My Coke Rewards


I have this not-so-awesome habit of thinking about what to make for dinner at, oh, the convenient hour of 4:30 pm – or, on the way home from the office. And now that school is in full session, and we are all adjusting to new school schedules, bus schedules and extra-curricular activities, things like dinner [...]

Straight Teeth for Your Teen with Invisalign


Way back in the day, there wasn’t an alternative to the traditional metal braces. Back in 1989, when I first got mine on, it was amazing just to get COLORS on the bands that held the wires to the braces. Like, you could get colored bands to effectively draw MORE attention to all the braces [...]

The Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX Car Seat {A Review!}

Evenflo Car Seat Review

One of the best and most important things you can do for your child is make sure they are safe and comfortable in a car seat. We’ve used many car seats over the years, and it just seems like they keep getting better. Now, car seats grow with your children to make sure they are [...]

Sometimes, Breastfeeding Is Difficult


It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and recently, I was chatting with other moms  about breastfeeding. We were talking about benefits of breastfeeding, the bonding between mother and child, and the ease of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. It seems every time women talk about breastfeeding, it’s all songbirds and rainbows. They talk about how they cherish the [...]

New Arrivals from Gwynnie Bee

GB collage

Hmph. You know how sometimes, you see something on the rack that you love, and try it on only to realize it looked better on the rack than it did on you? Yeah, it happens. I was SO stoked to try out some Gwynnie Bee dresses in my closet, but when I got them home, [...]

CVS Minute Clinc Offers #GoBackHealthy Savings

CVS Minute Clinic

Let’s talk back-to-school for a second. I know it’s only August, but it’s right around the corner. Pretty soon you are going to be busy with school and sports physicals, vaccinations, and stocking up on all of your college kid’s back-to-dorm needs. I am going to be honest, I rely on CVS for almost everything! [...]