#IWasSoTired I Made My Kid Late to Her Own Party

I may have had too many things on my plate that month. Every weekend we had an event, a game or a party. Piled on top of working and everything else that comes with being a mom, and …well, maybe my brain was going on strike. Oh, and I hadn’t slept through the night in […]

8 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Between the kids waking up at least once a night to the 55-pound dog that practically sleeps on top of me, it seems like no one in the house wants Mom to get a good night’s rest. I can’t control what the kids do or what the dog does throughout the night, but I can […]

Everything You Need for a Newborn in ONE

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Nearby Napper

When we were expecting our first baby, I had a ton of questions about baby gear – specifically, things related to sleep.Will we need a Pack ‘n Play? Will we need a bassinet? Will we need a co-sleeper? What if we don’t get a bassinet, but then I really want one? What if we get […]

Help! My Toddler is Climbing Out of the Crib

Toddler Climbing Out of Crib

THUD! I heard it as soon as I sat down for my first cup of coffee. It was 7 am. Too early to be awake on a Saturday, but such is life with kids. J was upstairs taking a shower, and for a second, it occurred to me he might need help – did he […]

TVs and Toddler Sleep Issues

Toddler Sleep Issues

We are no strangers to toddler sleep issues. I am always trying to identify what is causing our toddler sleep issues, and why our toddler wakes up in the middle of the night. She says it’s to go to the bathroom, and she will go in the middle of the night, but some nights are […]

How to Get a Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How to get a baby to sleep through the night

Three lucky winners will win one month’s supply of Pampers Baby Dry diapers and wipes! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.  Okay, so maybe that headline is a teeny bit misleading. After all, my 4-year-old still doesn’t sleep through the night. I might not be an expert on how to get a baby to sleep through […]

Head Banging Baby


My son has slept through the night since he was about five weeks old. Now, before you get jealous, know my daughter pretty much has yet to sleep through the night and she is four years old. I deserve at least one good sleeper, right? Except for the occasional sickness, ear infection or coughing fit, […]

Toddler Not Sleeping? I’m Not Laughing

toddler not sleeping

It all began in the fall of 2010. My then 18-month-old’s usual get-up time of 7 am began creeping backward. 7 am became 6 am, and 6 am soon became 5 am. We were confused. Why was our toddler not sleeping? Was it the change in time? Was it a neighbor’s car? Were we putting […]

11 Tips to Prepare Your Child for a Hospital Sleep Study

Toddler Hospital Sleep Study

My toddler had a hospital sleep study to determine the cause of her snoring and severity of her sleep apnea. I’d never had a sleep study myself, so I had no idea what to expect for a hospital sleep study as an adult, never mind a toddler. I am not going to lie, it was […]

Daylight Savings For Kids

Dalight savings for kids

As a mom of a child who has trouble sleeping through the night, I dread daylight savings time change. Each fall, it seems like daylight savings time change comes unexpected. I never remember what to do when I think about bedtime for the kids, and I never remember how daylight savings for kids works. Will […]