Stop Sexualizing My Grocery Shopping

This morning, like so many other moms, dads and caregivers, I took my kids to the grocery store.

It was a nice little trip. My kids enjoyed the ginormous kiddie “car” cart they insisted I push around the store. We talked about healthy foods as we picked up bananas in the produce section. We talked about “sometimes” foods when I picked up cookies in the packaged goods.

And then we talked about boobs and naked ladies.

WHY was I talking about boobs with my 4-year-old daughter in the grocery store? Oh, because this magazine cover was in plain view of my kids as we checked out.


“Mommy, why are that girl’s boobies showing?” she said to me.


“Mommy, she’s in PANTIES!”


“Mommy, that girl doesn’t have any clothes on!!”


Okay, I am so not a prude when it comes to certain things. I listen to Howard Stern daily. I read 50 Shades of Gray. I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but why do I need to have boobs in my face and the face of my kids at the GROCERY STORE?

Really, this is not a conversation I felt like having at the grocery store. Not only do I need to find a way to explain to my daughter why this woman is freezing her boobs off on an apparent Alaskan cruise, I need to find a way to tell her – SOMEHOW- that no woman looks like this. This was an airbrushed to hell photo that is in no way representative of what real women look like.

I mean, Kate Upton may be a supermodel, but I am going to bet she has at least a few flaws that were airbrushed, no?

Well, I did what any social media savvy mom would do, I contacted the store through a private message on Facebook.


I also posted it to my own Facebook page, which prompted a rather lively discussion not so much about the over-sexualization of women, but about the lack of common sense various media use when placing these types of images in places where children can see them.

Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

When will stores and brands realize that MOMS (women) do most if not all the shopping for their families? And, I would argue, that most moms may find images like this offensive – especially when placed in plain view at the grocery store.

Call me crazy, but I am more likely to shop at stores that DON’T offend me.

Really though, it is just a sad commentary on the way women are portrayed in the media. And while images like this will never go by the wayside, it’s important to teach our children  that it is not okay for women to be portrayed like this, and these images are not representative of what real women look like.

But thankfully, us moms can make a difference. Just ask Kelly Brown who blogs at The Turnip Farmer. She graciously “fixed” the magazine cover in question JUST FOR ME.

And to quote Kelly, “I put them in stripes to make them look fat.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.06.20 PM

Courtesy of Kelly Brown

I think it’s an amazing improvement, don’t you agree?




  1. says

    I whole heartedly agree! My daughter is now 18 and these covers still piss me off. I don’t want her to think that’s how she has to look to be accepted. Stores need to keep those covers back in the magazine section on the top shelf not at the check out!

  2. says

    I have been saying this for years. Cosmopolitan is the worst, all the cover ever say is “SEX 80 new positions to try tonight”. “How to please your man 50 ways” etc, I am so sick and tired of my kids of 5 and 9 who can read and i have to explain!!

  3. says

    Yes. I actually sent them a message on Facebook- maybe not the most ideal situation, but it sort of hit me on the way to the car in the parking lot. I needed some time to process, you know?

  4. says

    Me too. I think you, as a mom of boys, need to be hyper aware of this stuff. They can’t go around thinking this is the norm.

  5. says

    It’s really sad that we need to defend women’s real bodies this way. I mean, my article just touched on a piece of the problem, it is so much bigger.

  6. says

    See, exactly! There is THAT too! Gosh, parenting is like, full time. LOL. In all seriousness though, SI knows what they are doing when they do these cover shoots.

  7. Not Facebook Having Husband says

    I object to this cover being conspicuously placed … and I am a DUDE (and a dad with a daughter).

    As a red-blooded American man and longtime former subscriber to SI, I can tell you that at some point the swimsuit issue took a sharp turn from “girls in bathing suits on the beach” to “girls in bathing suit bottoms with a look on their face that says ‘do me’ with the bathing suit top crumpled up on the ground.” Not that I was complaining because some of that shit was HOT, but it was impossible not to notice. They’ve featured “body painting” in each one for a while now. SI HAD to get smutty, otherwise how can they compete with what gets put out monthly in Maxim and FHM (forgetting Playboy and all the free porn on the web for now).

    Personally, if the cover was a fresh-faced model smiling in a bikini on a beach, I don’t think I’d even give it a second thought. It’s the scenario here that bugs me – it makes no sense. Hi, I’m wearing nothing under my parka and it’s SO COLD DADDY see how my bikini bottoms are so low that they’re hanging off of my clitoris? She may as well be resting a giant purple two-headed dildo in between her boobs, that would make just as much sense in a grocery store checkout as this.

    Girl in a bikini on the beach is something I can explain to my rad little girl (and probably wouldn’t have to since it’s a scenario that has played itself out in front of my little one a zillion times). But this? It may as well be the cover of the DVD “Snowbound Bitches In Heat Part 3” (which actually has a ton of character and plot development you guys.)

    The Facebook thread on this thing shocks me for a couple of reasons:

    1. There are women who think this magazine cover is not even a little more explicit than the usual checkout aisle fare?
    2. There are women who thing that caring about this issue somehow means you don’t care about other, “bigger” issues?
    3. There are women who think my awesome, sexy, not a prude at all wife needs to improve her parenting skills because she expressed concern over this issue?

    Jesus Christ do I NOT miss Facebook one little bit.

  8. says

    I like Kelly’s version!!

    It is ridiculous that the original version is sitting out for kids to see in the supermarket.

  9. says

    As a mom of boys, one who is approaching his teen years, I have to make sure that they know this isn’t normal. Seeing the covers like this, and the other magazines with titles and headlines screaming about sex, makes me sick. Why do I need to explain that to my kids in the grocery store? That should be brought up at home, in our own circumstances, you know? I’m glad you said something to the store.

  10. says

    I often wonder about the overly sexualized images of models and celebrities even on women’s magazines! I wanted to scream when I saw Dakota Fanning dressed like a child prostitute (in a skimpy Mickey Mouse T-shirt, no less) on the March cover of Glamour magazine. Uhm, I’m a grown-ass woman. I don’t aspire to look like a trashy 13-year-old. I don’t want to look at celebrities’ airbrushed boobs in tight dresses on the cover of Cosmo. It’s like they design these magazine covers so that men have something to look at while waiting in the grocery store line and so that the women who read those magazines feel bad about themselves because we don’t look like that. Anyone else feel the same way?

  11. Sarah [] says

    Haha! That’s AWESOME!!! I agree with you 100%…I haven’t taught my 3 year old son what “boobies” are, he just sees them as the way his baby brother eats. I would hate to be forced to explain to him why that girl is more than 1/2 naked!

  12. says

    I agree with you 100%. It’s hard enough that I’ve had to try to explain lots of magazine covers to my kids – like the Kardashians, stars without makeup and aliens on Earth. The last thing I need is for my 5 year old son asking me about bobbies out in public! at least create Family Friendly Lanes, where there is no candy, balloons or magazines – it’s hard enough to keep track of the shopping!

  13. says

    Wait til your 4 year-old gets a little older and can read about orgasms and how to have great sex on the cover of Cosmo that’s right next to the SI. You’ll enjoy those conversations quite a bit.

  14. says

    My kids know what boobies are, and they know their function… but SI magazine covers are not really in my boobs’ business plan.

  15. says

    I think most of us feel this way. Why can’t women stop making each other feel bad? That’s another story for another day….

  16. says

    It’s not like, something I plan on sitting with my kids to discuss, but it’s just I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about having a discussion like this at my local grocery store. It’s like no one has any common sense anymore!

  17. says

    You know why I love my grocery store? They don’t have SI Swimsuit on their checkout stand. The DO have Cosmo, with a thick black cover so you can’t see anything except the title of the magazine. My grocery store is Dillions – part of Kroger. Everyone should shop there! 😀

  18. says

    So in agreement with you here. She is still gorgeous and sexy in Kelly’s picture (great job lady). Actually she looks even better because those boobs hanging out look horribly fake.

  19. says

    I agree with this whole heartedly!

    I also didn’t understand the hype about her having this photo taken on Antartica. On the Today show she talked about how her body literally started to shut down because it was working so hard to keep her warm (she started to lose vision, etc) & she had frostbite once it was all said & done. I don’t think anything is worth that.

    Good post!

  20. says

    First, I kinda love your husband. Second, I think I’m out of the norm here, because while I agree with you about keeping it off the grocery store shelves, at least eye-level to kids, I actually prefer this cover to the magazine covers where women are dressed pretty close to this in their regular lives. At least in this case, I can explain it’s a swimsuit edition and they’re trying to look extra pretty for the cover and not just dressed to go out on a Saturday night. Someone earlier said something about celebrities being nearly as offensive on magazine covers and I can’t agree more. At least we know this woman’s purpose. When the covers of other magazines-either purposely shot, or full of paparazzi photos of “regular” people, show women dressed like Working Gals, I find it harder to explain to my daughter (dude, forget my sons!) than this. So, I don’t think either are great, but at least SI is what it is and has been for quite some time. That still doesn’t mean I want it on my checkout shelf, but I’d love if they took it all away!

  21. Lainey says

    Like most women, I find a million and one things wrong with my body and my weight due to image like this. I know they are airbrushed, and yet I still feel like I am less of a woman because I am a size 12-14 and I don’t look like them. I just got back from the doctor who told me that my weight is great and my health is perfect. I need to go visit him everyday and stay away from the store. Good job for opening up a discussion about this and just continue preaching to your kids. If they hear that magazine covers are FAKE on a regular basis, they will grow up with a true reality lesson and hopefully a better body image than the rest of us!

  22. says

    Totally an improvement! And even with the “fat” stripes- she still looks sexy and beautiful and even more so as I don’t mind looking at her now. And yes I saw that same magazine in my grocery store check out and was not happy about it all.

  23. says

    I kinda love my husband too. Well, more than kinda!I hear what you are saying. I know we know her purpose, which is sad by the way, but I think this image is representative of how we are desensitizing ourselves to images that continue to objectify women.

  24. says

    When my kids were infants and saw magazines like that in line at the grocery store, they would start doing that ‘bottom lip sucking’ thing that breastfed babies do. #TrueStory

  25. says

    A few thoughts, Lynette…
    1. That is actually, a really appropriate response.
    2. You must have had some amazing airbrushed breasts while breastfeeding. Just putting that out there.

    Thank you for stopping by to comment!

  26. D. Foxx says

    Vanessa, unlike the woman who saw the magazine at the check-out counter, you can’t complain to the store manager. You already have it in your home, so hide it, quit buying it or subscribing to it……or learn new ways to explain it to your children.

  27. Kendra says

    I had the same experience and filed the same complaint at my local book store. I was thrilled to read that other moms feel the same way!

  28. Brooke Evans says

    I read this via the Huffington Post since they found it necessary that your response to such photos needed to be broadcasted even farther than your blog. What I don’t understand is why your not open to the idea of women/people expressing themselves how they choose? This is a form of expression that is closely related to art of all forms and for you to attack the store and stores alike, goes to show just how big of a prude you are! I hope that the store mentioned realizes your just one person, who’s free to their opinion and brushes off your negativity. And just a word of advice your daughter will see things in life that will make this seem so small. Wouldn’t you rather openly talk with your daughter about these things (as they arise) and build an open relationship with her, so she never feels as though she needs to hide things from you? And lastly, I’m no size two model but I have some friends in the professional modeling scene (Maxim Models) that do indeed look just as beautiful as the lady above! Women come in all shapes and sizes and no one body type is ideal. Perhaps teaching your daughter to happy with who she becomes in life is a better way to utilize your time!

  29. says

    Brooke- I am open to all forms of expression. But if you think for one second that this imagery is furthering the expression of women’s bodies, or bringing a positive body image to mainstream media, then you need a lesson in feminism.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  30. Brooke Evans says

    Feminism Definition:
    The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    Well being that men model as well and People, Seventeen and Good Housekeeping have all had Channing Tatum shirtless in them. Then I see the equality in women doing the same.

    And I do believe this is further expression of women’s bodies as well as brings positive body image to mainstream media!

  31. Not Facebook Having Husband says

    Erica has never argued against the cover’s right to exist. Her issue was with its prominent placement of it in a grocery store and questioned the appropriateness of that.

    And if you really wanted to promote positive body image, I can think of a zillion examples that would do a better job of that than this slice of Antarctic cheesecake – Gabby Reese playing volleyball, Marrisa Mayer dropping AI science on fools, Kelly Clarkson killing it on stage, Danica Patrick walking down pit road in her fire suit, or Brandi Chastain with her arms lifted in triumph would all be better examples in a teachable moment than a naked woman standing around in the snow.

  32. says

    YES to “Not Facebook having husband”! And adding…Kate Upton in this picture is not “realistic looking”. Nor are there women *un-surgically enhanced* that look just like this in real life. It isn’t about her size although the mis-shapen breasts in this picture could be argued as unrealistic since I am fairly certain that they are quite squished together OR fake. This is about the unrealistic portrayal of her – most women have skin tone variances, most women have some sort of scarring or imperfection.
    Young and teen girls are NOT going to see the long hours she puts in, the beauty regime, the blisters from heels, the frostbite she reportedly suffered from doing a job that pushed the limits *IMO* way too far. They are going to take that picture at face value and no matter how many words you say to a girl that picture is what is going to be in her mind when she thinks of beauty – boobs hanging out, barely clothed, and posed to sell. *IF* there is a place for that it is where someone who is old enough to process all these “unseen” realities can choose that.

  33. says

    Are you just as disgusted with the men’s fitness magazines that have half naked men and make sure that boys know that’s not the norm? If so that’s cool. If not STFU. Your insecurity is your only problem.

  34. says

    Did you read this article? If you did you would understand that my point was the PLACEMENT of the magazine, not the cover itself.

    Have you ever spent time telling your 4-year-old daughter why it’s important to keep certain areas of her body private, and why it’s not okay for other people to look at said body parts? And then have this image thrown in her face and make her question all the things I’ve tried to teach her about respecting her body?

    Oh, Brooke, oh Brooke… I weep for your children.

  35. says

    My take – I dislike it all. It isn’t about insecurity. The article is quite obviously about appropriate placement. Personally, I wish Cosmo and all those magazines weren’t put out for my children’s consumption. As I said farther down *IF* there is a place for it it should be for the eyes of people who can understand the whole package – a child cannot.

  36. says

    You actually have a good point, and you are right. There seems to be a double standard. Maybe it is because it is socially acceptable for a man to be shirtless. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  37. says

    Heather- you hit the nail of the head. I think the women’s magazines are the worst. While, not undressed, they send messages to girls they need to look a certain way. It takes a lot of education and discussion to school kids on what is not normal, and what is. Unfortunately, when our children WHO ARE TODDLERS are seeing these images, they are too young to get it. Thanks for the comment.

  38. TMac says

    What would this scenario look like if a father were shopping at a hardware store with his son and daughter and his son commented on one of the many magazines (SI,ESPN, men’s fitness, GQ, men’s health) that feature topless men on their covers. “Daddy why is that man’s boobies showing and why does his body look like that”. Would the father become upset and offended that he had to have a conversation with his son that he wasn’t prepared for. Would he contact the manager and explain to him that he loves shopping their hardware store but was so offended when he (and more importantly his kids) were subjected to the sight of six pack abs bulging pecks and massive biceps. Would the father then take his concerns to the Internet to find like-minded people to be offended with him. I wonder if some guy who works in graphic design would photoshop a turtleneck onto said athlete and have a laugh about how it makes the athlete look obese. I can’t think of a better lesson for children to learn then censorship and making others who don’t look like us look bad. People with athletic physiques shouldn’t be flaunting their bodies on magazine covers making all us “normal” people feel bad about our bodies. Here’s an idea. Use your mind to think of an actual decent explanation to these questions. “No that women is modeling” ” People don’t usually dress like that unless they’re models” “All people are built differently some are tall some are short some are dark and some are fare. And yes some have bigger boobies”. I question what really offends you breasts or having to talk and think about anything outside your comfort zone. Your illogical intolerance offends me intellectually. But if I had a child who read your post I would have an honest conversation with them about your rights as a writer and id tell them to have respect for others even if there work is offensive to us.

  39. says

    Illogical is comparing a shirtless man to a shirtless woman. Men’s chests aren’t generally sexualized whereas a woman’s are. FTR, in the comments I have read on this different places men have also said they have issue with it. “That woman is modelling” doesn’t answer the 4 year old’s question.

  40. Not Facebook Having Husband says

    A woman standing in Antarctica wearing an unzipped parka and nothing underneath while smooshing her boobs together with a do-me face is a little different than even the most salacious cover of Men’s Health. I also fail to see how the SI cover in question has to do with athleticism in any way, shape, or form outside of the word “Sports” on the masthead. And that’s OK. The SI Swimsuit Issue has become the SI Boner Making Edition over the last 10-15 years and I ain’t complaining.

    The author is not arguing against the SI cover’s right to exist or be sold, it’s a question of placement, availability, discretion, and taste … and not censorship (oh how we love to throw that word around to make an impact).

    I think the photoshop effort was a stab at the ludicrousness of the situation the poor girl was in, and the note about stripes was a joke because really, how could Kate Upton EVER look fat? Oh wait, all I need to do is lurk a couple of messageboards to find that the supermodel men of the internet have been debating her fatness since the Super Bowl.

  41. vehje says

    I don’t agree with you here sorry, if there was a naked woman you could just say, well honey, she is a model and has a nice beautiful body, that’s why she is naked. That’s her job. There’s nothing wrong with naked bodies, the only person who is embarassed is you not the kids…..

  42. says

    *Giggle* right after you tell her that being a porn star is the perfect career for her, right? And that it really doesn’t matter if she doesn’t “sit like a lady” in her skirt because everything anyone can see is “natural” and appropriate. I am very afraid Erica. Many responses I see are making me very afraid of what our children’s children will be seeing in store super markets.

  43. txdaydreamer says

    Oh holy hell.

    “Mommy, why are that girl’s boobies showing?”

    “Because she’s a swimsuit model and a lot of adults like looking at that stuff.”

    “Mommy, she’s in PANTIES!”

    “No she’s not, she’s wearing a bikini bottom. Maybe she had to loan her bikini top to a penguin.”

    “Mommy, that girl doesn’t have any clothes on!!”

    “Yes she does, she has on a bikini bottom and a small jacket. Now, be a big girl and help me unload the rest of these groceries!”

    Oh my goodness how hard was that?!? You’re a parent, you have to explain uncomfortable things with your children. It kind of comes with the job.

    Wait, you read 50 Shades of Grey. Congrats, you’re officially a bad-ass.

    It wasn’t an Alaskan cruise, the cover very clearly says Antarctica.

    Yes, some women do look like this. Kate Upton is known to be a voluptuous model and not a skin-and-bones model that most models are. While her obvious flaws were airbrushed out (because, come on, who is going to look at any person and say “That scar is hot”?) Women who take care of their bodies and themselves do look like this.

    Maybe some moms find the cover and similar pictures offensive, some moms don’t. To say that most moms find it offensive is over-generalizing, because that statement is obviously false.

    I’m not too sure where you live (1950’s Pleasantville?) but to say most mom’s and women do most if not all the shopping for their families is another generalized fallacy.

    Now, I agree with you that the over-sexualizing of women has to stop. We need to explain to our daughters that they aren’t just pretty objects for men to look at, they can be anything they want, to accept themselves, and not to succumb to society’s idea of beauty; and we need to teach our sons that women aren’t pieces of meat, they have thoughts, feelings, and emotions and can kick their ass if need be.

    I also agree that stores need to be more aware of where they place these magazines, and if they choose to display this magazine, perhaps they can display it in a more conservative fashion so people who don’t want to see it don’t have to.

    Are you really so insecure and offended by the picture that your friend had to fix the cover just for you, and she had to add stripes to make Kate Upton look fat (who, again, is a voluptuous model)? How old are you two?

    No, I don’t think it’s an amazing improvement. It’s the Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT edition, not the Frumpy Housewife Quarterly Edition (with recipes inside!).

    I think this blog screams of insecurities because it would have sufficed to contact the store manager and suggest they display the magazine at a higher level or behind a plastic cover so children can’t see.

    You’re not related to Monica Cole by any chance, are you?

  44. says

    THANK YOU for this AWESOME parenting advice! Clearly, you have raised happy, healthy girls with glowing self-esteems! I will certainly take all of your FANTASTIC advice to heart and get on this right now!

    Did you get your Masters in childhood psychology? You can totally tell.

    Let’s pick apart some of your quotes now, shall we?

    Oh my goodness how hard was that?!? You’re a parent, you have to explain uncomfortable things with your children. It kind of comes with the job.

    Wait, what? Are you sure? I can’t push out a few kids and just let it go? Parenting is HARD!

    Wait, you read 50 Shades of Grey. Congrats, you’re officially a bad-ass.

    I did and it was awful. Did you write it?

    It wasn’t an Alaskan cruise, the cover very clearly says Antarctica.

    Factchecker! You are FIRED! Thanks for pointing this out.

    Yes, some women do look like this. Kate Upton is known to be a voluptuous model and not a skin-and-bones model that most models are. While her obvious flaws were airbrushed out (because, come on, who is going to look at any person and say “That scar is hot”?) Women who take care of their bodies and themselves do look like this.

    I think she has a fabulous body. I think her worst days look better than my best. I am also pretty sure they didn’t just air brush a scar or freckles.

    I’m not too sure where you live (1950′s Pleasantville?) but to say most mom’s and women do most if not all the shopping for their families is another generalized fallacy.

    Really? You think so? Because 99% of advertising for household products and food is for men, right? I was making an assumption. This is an opinion blog and I never stated I was a market research pro.

    I also agree that stores need to be more aware of where they place these magazines, and if they choose to display this magazine, perhaps they can display it in a more conservative fashion so people who don’t want to see it don’t have to.

    Annd…. this was my point.

    Are you really so insecure and offended by the picture that your friend had to fix the cover just for you, and she had to add stripes to make Kate Upton look fat (who, again, is a voluptuous model)? How old are you two?

    I am pretty sure this isn’t your first day on the Internet, but in case it is, please do yourself a favor and learn what sarcasm looks like.

    I think this blog screams of insecurities because it would have sufficed to contact the store manager and suggest they display the magazine at a higher level or behind a plastic cover so children can’t see.

    Yeah, hi, that’s what I did. Thanks for reading the entire article before forming this fantastic observation.

  45. says

    “While her obvious flaws were airbrushed out (because, come on, who is going to look at any person and say “That scar is hot”?)”

    I actually say that every single time I look at Tina Fey. She has a hot scar and a killer mind. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a photo of Fey and yearned to see half her tits on a mock-cruise to Antarctica. I think she’s sexy fully clothed AND scarred.

    “Are you really so insecure and offended by the picture that your friend had to fix the cover just for you, and she had to add stripes to make Kate Upton look fat (who, again, is a voluptuous model)? How old are you two?”

    I’m 35, almost 36, and I’ve been aware of the definition of ‘satire’ since I was like, 7 or 8 years old. In case the joke is still going over your head, that is what makes the photoshopped image more ridiculous and funny. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY Upton could be considered fat short of force feeding her fatty foods for months on end. And horizontal stripes are a universal fashion no-no for wide folks. Its such a basic joke I’m actually kind of shocked that the punchline escapes an obviously intelligent woman. ::shrug::

  46. says

    Did you even read the entire piece or just skim it for parts that you could attempt to make jokey retorts to? Your totally rad burns don’t make any sense since, after you’ve worked out all of your standup material, you basically agree with all of the overarching themes of the article. I’m so confused.

  47. txdaydreamer says


    Yes, I have raised one daughter who has amazing self-esteem for our modern times. I wish I had had her self-esteem when I was 12. I also have an almost 6 year old son who’s pretty cool for a little guy.

    Hey, parenting is hard sometimes. You know there are days when you say “Darnit, I just fed you last night!”

    Heck no, I didn’t write 50 Shades of Grey. The books sucked and I cant believe the author became rich from glorified Twilight fanfic. If I read about the female lead’s inner Goddess one more time, I was going to rip her inner Goddess from her and teach that girl what real BDSM is. I thought Bella was a weak character. Anastasia makes Bella look like Rosie the Riveter, and that’s really sad. Somehow, the author made her version of Bella become even weaker than the original Bella. I can’t believe I have typed Bella several times in a row now.

    You know as well as I do that sarcasm is hard to detect online.

    This has been fun 🙂

  48. says

    Erica, I hope you got yourself a BIG glass of wine after reading these, because you totally deserve it. Sheesh, people, don’t you have anything better to get all up in arms about? Why don’t you go rant about the sequester or something else useful?

  49. Deb says

    Thank you so much for your article Erica. You are right, this is touching on a much larger problem. It angers me and I worry about what it does to our daughters and sons. Whenever I talk to women about about topics relating to this, they’ve all been (like me) disgusted. I truly feel that women who feel this way are the majority ~~ unfortunately, a silent majority. Here’s my question ~~ since women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, what is it that we can do to use this purchasing power to affect change? It seems some unified voice is what is called for. Any ideas? p.s. I fully expect some vocal opposition to my comments. Like I said, I think we are a too silent majority being made to feel bullied and embarrassed about complaining.

  50. Karla T says

    You have some mean people reading your blog. Lol. It must be hard for them to laugh…ever

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