The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep – Is it For Reals?

There was a time when we could put our son in his bed at night, and he wouldn’t get out of bed until 7:30 the next morning. Unlike his older sister, he’s always been an awesome sleeper, but lately, we’ve been battling bedtime. In recent weeks, he’s pulled out all the tricks to delay sleep. […]

SIX Ways to Switch Up Your Kitchen Routine with Viva® Vantage®

It’s easy to fall into a kitchen routine. Like the way I use the same bulky colander to rinse fruit when I swear I’m going to switch it up for something that takes up less space. Or the times I promise myself I am going to invest in some sort of veggie scrubber to get […]

Get Your Flu Shot at a CVS MinuteClinic

Every parent knows this fact: We have no time to get the flu! Between managing a family, school activities, sports and work, getting sick is a serious time suck. And when it comes to getting the flu, your symptoms may last weeks. Who has time for that? Contrary to what a lot of us think, […]

Dust off your Netflix Streaming SHELFIE

Summer. Phew. It was a blast. Between the pool, day trips, vacation and camp, our summer was busy. Our nights were filled with campfires under the stars, drinks on the deck with friends and just hanging out. Not too much Netflix streaming or TV for me. Which makes the fall the perfect time to dust […]

Get Relief from Fall Allergies

School is here, and kids will get sick – wait, are they really getting sick or is is allergies? Are fall allergies a “thing?” Actually, they are! Even though the blooming of spring flowers is long gone, late summer weeds and pollen can trigger allergies in the late summer and early fall. And, depending on […]

Strive for 5 – Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat FRUIT!

It’s no secret that kids need a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and carbs to keep their bodies moving, their brains learning, and their energy levels up. But what if your child doesn’t like… fruit? Well, here’s the good news: 100% Florida Orange Juice counts as a fruit! I had the opportunity to […]

I Am Not Apologizing for My Child’s Nut Allergy

Peanut Allergy Kids

When we make accommodations, we teach others to be compassionate… A friend of mine wrote this the other day as I was ranting on Facebook. A blogger had written a post complaining about schools being “peanut free.” She was concerned that by being a “peanut free” school, school administrators and officials were creating an environment […]

Dinotrux on Netflix- A #StreamTeam Update

Let’s talk about my son’s two most favoritest things in the world: Dinosaurs and trucks. Now, let’s talk about how Netflix’s latest original kids series combines dinosaurs and trucks together to create… DINOTRUX. Dinotrux is a brand new action-packed original series featuring characters that are half-dinosaur/half-construction vehicle. Ty Rux and Revvit, two unlikely best friends, […]

8 Ways Coffee Makes Me a Better Mom


1. It wakes me up.   2. But sometimes just getting out of bed isn’t enough. It REALLY gets me out of bed.    3. It helps me get clean. Because I incentive myself to take a shower by promising me I can have a cup of coffee after.    4. My kids get fed. […]

Create a Sports Survival Kit

I may have overbooked my kids for a variety of fall activities. Before you judge and remind me kids need unscheduled time to play, let me tell you that… a) my kids want to try every and any sport and activity that is offered to them, and b) I am tired of the iPad/TV/Wii fight […]